Inland Energy Asia Pte. Ltd.

Inland Energy Asia Pte. Ltd., a Singapore company established in 2010 for the purposes of building and financing sustainable energy supply in Asia, will make its initial $3 million investment in the Colton Renewable Energy Center (CREC), a 50 MW power plant project planned and to be operated by Inland Energy, inc. (Buck Johns, Inland Energy Colton, LLC).


CREC, a new-technology power plant in Colton, California, will allow for a fuel conversion from coal to carbon-netural wood burning biomass - a qualified renewable fuel, and will supply immediately needed electric power to the major cities in Southern California, such as Anaheim, Pasadena and Colton.

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Inland Energy Asia Team Members

-President, CEO: Hideyuki Nakamura

-COO: Nobuyuki Karakawa

-CFO: Shee Kwan Mak

Inland Energy Asia is committed to help develop in Asia similar energy projects, designed and qualified for the protection of the environment.
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