High desert Power Plant earns POWER's highest accolade for innovative partnering, emissions offsetting, and water management.

Mix one part power plant with one part city seeking to grow its industrial base and you have a recipe for a public-private partnership that developed one sweet project. Victorville's High Desert plant proves that a desperately needed power plant can meet strict environmental standards while priming the pump of local development efforts. Read More

Palmdale Submits Power Plant Permit Application

"Our application submittal is the culmination of several years of intense efforts to identify the best plant design and a location that is compatible with the City's future plans," said Palmdale City Manager Steve Williams. "We recognized the need for additional electricity generation to meet the increasing electricity demand, and we believe the integration of solar thermal technology and combined cycle technology is the best fit for the City of Palmdale and California." Read More

City pursues power plant. Facility could provide electricity for community of 400,000 people by ‘09

PALMDALE - City officials will seek permits to build a 500-megawatt power plant that they say would provide the city with reliable, more-affordable energy. Read More

City Council gets power plant pitch

PALMDALE - Building an electric power plant in the city could keep local power available and electricity costs down while generating income for City Hall and using up a portion of the sewage water being dumped in the desert by the city’s Sanitation District, proponents said Monday. Read More